Rejectamenta Cracoviana

The practice is effectively to wander aimlessly and without destination through the city, soaking up its ambiences.

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K R A K O W 

excited, in love with the passing of things
clouds merge with the mountains, distinctive green on blue, white on white
arms branch upwards to the sky, they are in the water
and all i see of cars are their eyes moving to the curves of the road

we’ve closed ourselves in, legs surrounded only by the jolting suitcases,
i’m reading her words, resonating something inside me, always
and he arrives, sits by the window and tells us history, about his life
and of secret places to explore, i’m happy for new insights

the whole carriage! ours!
we’re singing loudly, feet rested on baggage
mandarin peels filing tiny bins, laughing and laughing
we’re going a bit insane, a bit tired of trains 


feeling comfort in this place, memories of past homes emerge
and i feel solace, knowing that this is how it will be
you will still exist, it doesn’t matter where I am, where you are
there will be an echo

we find ourselves at the market place, stalls filled high with colours
we’re excited, too excited, we’re imagining tastes
and we find it hard to leave, losing ourselves in the smells
and we promise to visit the next day

as the sun sets, we take the taxi to the secret place
my face is pressed against the window, always hoping we will turn west
he is happy, he waits, and even though we are strangers, 
he shows true kindness in his eyes

we’re not in the city anymore, the hum of cars in the distance isn’t real
the clear blue of the still water below calls me, i watch
i love the white trees, the colours of dusk, the calls from the little bird hidden in the thin lines of black 
and i think this is beautiful, this is peace

at night we’re tired, but we mumble thoughts to each other
and through the two windows in the roof, we focus ourselves
we watch falling stars make swift lines across the sky
not sure if what we see is real, or part of the approaching dream

i’m sitting playing guitar, our last night, he watches from the door, 
and soon he is beside me, smiling widely, joining in with a deep voice
before i know it, we are all together, she is on the piano
voices of four men sing with me, and i think it all wonderfully strange.

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Old beauty #old #house #cottage #sun #igs #igers #architecture #beautiful #iphonesia #instalike #instapic #picoftheday #photooftheday #instaphoto #like4like #l4l #design #style


Old beauty #old #house #cottage #sun #igs #igers #architecture #beautiful #iphonesia #instalike #instapic #picoftheday #photooftheday #instaphoto #like4like #l4l #design #style